Cordless Drill/Bolt Holster

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How have you carried cordless drills, bolts, and drill bits up a tree, while hanging stands? Problem solved! We are excited to release the much anticipated Cordless Drill/ bolt holster. It's designed to carry your cordless drill, up to 8 bolts, drill bits, and with additional pass through loops, can accommodate larger items.

It's made from a durable ballistic nylon and has a generous belt loop to fit most any belt, including The Treehopper 3 in 1 Climbing belt. It features a strap with velcro for a secure fit of virtually any cordless drill and a quick release buckle for easy access. So versatile, you'll want to use it in the off season for projects around the house. With this handy holster, you'll get through that "honey do" list in no time.

Cordless drill and bolts not included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review