Welcome to the official Treehopper website. We are a small family owned company that prides ourselves on customer service and offering the best products for hunters. I started Treehopper as a way to combine my passion for hunting with my desire to create high quality products. We are proud to offer several unique and useful products.

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I have tried many different safety restraints when it comes to hanging treestands and hunting. I have found treehoppers design to be the least restrictive and most comfortable to use allowing hands free movement while secure and strapped to the tree. Not only is it comfortable, but also effective. While hanging a treestand last year, the strap to a tree stand broke and sent the stand plummetting nearly 30ft. to the ground, but luckily for me the safety belt caught me, avoiding serious injury and possibly saving my life!

Mike Valliere

Straight Arrow Outfitter
Next to my bow and arrows the Lane Maker Ratchet Prunners are the next most important piece of equipment I carry when bowhunting. Evan the most formidable of branches are pruned away quickly and effortlessly with my Lane Maker Ratchet Prunners. Do not let unwanted limbs and saplings stand in your way of tagging your buck. Always carry your Lane Maker Ratchet Prunners.

Tom Nelson

Host/ Dead Down
Wind's American Archer