Strap on Tree Steps

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Product Overview

Treehopper has brought back the very popular strap on injection molded tree step. We have completely redesigned them to be very strong, stable, comfortable, ergonomic, and to pack and stow easily that have been offered
The Treehopper strap on steps enjoy the following benefits over the steps of yesteryear:
  • The color is a better match for tree bark (Wolf Gray in color).
  • They nest together for easier transport (The wings nest in the strap slots) clanking around in pack to and from your hunting spot.
  • They are rock solid on the tree!  Instead of a smooth surface interfacing with the tree, we've included serrations and also made the base wider.
  • They are ergonomic (with have a pistol grip feel).
  • They are extremely strong. They were designed with safety in mind. We did side by side testing with the previous injection molded steps that were available for years and very popular. We found that they were failing (breaking) in the 300- 400 lb. range and these were their steps, that weren't subject to the recall. We did a tremendous amount of testing through the design process on the Treehopper steps ...We heated them to over 200 degrees and subjected them to temps well below freezing and applied force until they failed. We, even early on, were getting capacities double that of the "other steps". We didn't stop there. We continued to redesign and reinforce areas to (continue to) increase their capacity. We are now exceeding 1050 lbs. and are not getting failures!
By filing down one of the wings they can be altered to nest together with the strap. Call for details.

We sell the Treehopper Strap on Steps without straps. Many have told us that they already have good quality polyester straps with cam buckles so, in an effort to keep pricing as low as possible, we offer them strapless.

We do have straps available! If they are to be used as individual steps to ascend a tree we offer polyester straps (3,500 lb. tensile strength) and a cam buckle (1,500 lb. tensile strength). If they are to be used as an R.O.S. (ring of steps) we offer a more robust strap (6,000 lb. tensile strength) and an OCB (over center buckle) rated to 2,500 lb.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review