Tree-Suit Platform

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Treehopper and Quick & Quiet Treestands Inc. have collaborated to reintroduce what is being called "The Tree-Suit". This is a compact, lightweight, cost-effective and very stable little platform that many of you may have seen in a video on a very popular saddle hunting YouTube channel.
We made a slight redesign but still maintained the original Tree-Suit look and feel. The original platform was made of steel weighing in at around 4 lbs.  The new Tree-Suit weighs a measly 1lb. 10ozs. We built these little beauties out of aircraft-grade aluminum with gussets for added support.  They are TIG welded and powder coated in same 3 colors of our bolt offerings - a light battleship gray, charcoal gray, and black.
These make for great saddle platforms, a seat for treestands, and quick and comfortable strap on seat for hunting from the ground or in a ground blind.
They are 14" wide and 10.5" deep and come with a 7 foot polyester strap, high-quality cam buckle, and J hook with safety button with 6,000 lb tensile strength.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review