Tree-Step Bolts Pack of 10 (Coated)

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Product Overview

In 1909 Henry Ford said (of the Model T) “You can have any color so long as it’s black”. Well, the color choices for autos have evolved and so have we.
We are excited to offer 3 color options for our coated and textured Grade 8, 6.5 inch length bolts: Black, Dark (charcoal) Gray, and Light (battleship) Gray. Choose the color closest to many of the trees you hunt from. It can be touched up with spray paint for a perfect blend for your hunting environment. It'll also assist in seeing bolts while climbing in and out of trees in low light.
We have created a proprietary coating that now only provides texturing for better grip and traction, but is quieter, won’t rust and is extremely durable.
The textured bolts have several advantages over the raw steel bolts that we offer:
  1. The texturing is permanent and will not wear down with normal use
  2. The texturing provides a rust proof barrier
  3. Better grip and traction
  4. Quieter (less noise from clanking of bolts)
  5. Provides a snug fit in the hole made by the Treehopper drill bit
  6. More comfortable in the cold compared to gripping raw steel


(No reviews yet) Write a Review