Crotch Rocket

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Treehopper and Quick & Quiet Treestands are excited to offer, what we're calling the "Crotch Rocket" it's constructed of Aircraft-grade aluminum with Grade-8 hardware. It is TIG welded and powder coated in color options similar to our bolt offering, Light battleship Gray (pictured), Charcoal Gray, and Black. It folds flat for easy transport and measures 10.5" x 17" (when folded) and weighs around 4 lbs. It is designed to be placed it the crotch of a tree (slightly folded) and when weight is placed on the platform deploys flat with Grade-8 spikes that bite into the tree. The ultimate in run and gun. The Crotch Rocket, a Hand Drill, and a few bolts make virtually any tree crotch a very stable and roomy perch. Next time you're in the woods look to the crotches and appreciate the hundreds of hunt-able options that Mother Nature has provided for us, as hunters. Get creative here...with a few well-placed bolts for foot supports and our new Butt Buddy pad, it makes for a very comfortable seat as well (Always wear a safety harness/ fall restraint system).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review