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The Sporky or Tactical Spork is the perfect 5 in 1 Tactical eating utensil. Made from steel  with a satin-powder coated finish. Easy to clean, a quick rinse and The Sporky is ready for your next meal on the go.
This versatile all in one unit is a fork, spoon, knife, bottle opener, and opens cans in seconds. It also features a hole for attachment of a lanyard.
It's perfect for the car, boat, on a picnic, in your briefcase or purse...don't leave home without it!
Don't over pay or get a cheap plastic imitation that'll break 2 scoops into to your favorite ice-cream, The sporky is a very strong, light weight (weighing in at 1.5 oz.), healthy and an eco-friendly utensil that provide you with years of service. They make a great a gift.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review