Treehopper Transformer Saddle

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Product Overview

The Transformer is a two panel saddle that handles like a single panel saddle. The panels. as opposed to a RECON (constructed of webbing) are constructed of 500D Cordura. The adjustment straps on the rear of the saddle keep the two panels together for the walk in while either wearing or packing the saddle. They easily adjust to provide the perfect distance between the panels while leaning or sitting. It whas a waist belt to prevent sagging even with heavy dump pouches for the walk in. The adjustment straps also solve the problem of the bottom panel dropping when you stand or unload the saddle. Once you get the panels in the perfect position they stay there. The lineman loops are far enough forward and large enough for easy hookup. There are molle loops along the upper and lower panels for attachment points. The waist belt and leg loops each have high quality Cobra style buckles. Each saddle will come with an adjustable bridge made of Sterling 9mm HTP that is routed through the d rings in a way that uses the d ring as a built in prusik tender.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review