Folding Lock-Blade Knife

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Product Overview

We are excited about the newest addition to our line of products. The New Treehopper folding lock-blade knife. We've spent many months searching, testing, and evaluating knives worthy of being added to the Treehopper family of products. Well the search is over.
  • The blade has a satin finish and is made from 5Cr13 Stainless Steel with a hardness of 58'll hold a razor sharp edge and is very durable. It is of a back lock design, so whether your're using the knife, saw, or gut hook/ skinning blade, you'll have confidence that it'll securely lock in the open position.
  • The handle is constructed of a high density polymer with rubberized inlays in critical areas. It's got a nice mass and feel to it and we're hopeful it'll be your favorite knife spending many days afield with you.
  • The sheath is a semi-rigid design and on a belt can be worn in the vertical or horizontal position.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review